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  1. CLYW Peak 2

    CLYW Peak 2


    Small Parts WarningA refresh of the original that started it all. Learn More

    One Drop x CLYW Summit Yo-Yo

    Price From: $135.00

    Out of stock

    Small Parts WarningQuoted from OneDrop x CLYW:

    We had a crazy idea. Have the guys from CLYW come visit the One Drop shop and design/manufacture a brand new collaboration yoyo from scratch all the while filming the whole process.

    The result: 'the Summit'.

    Learn More

    YoYoFactory Horizon


    Without individuals who push yo-yo play in new directions, yoyo play and design would be stagnant. Luckily YoYoFactory works with some of the most creative and amazing players in the world, like 2014 EYYC Open Champion Paul Kerbel. His new signature yo-yo, the Horizon, pushes yoyo play and design in multiple new directions.

    Learn More
  4. SPYY Punchline Repeater - Black/Gold

    SPYY Punchline Repeater

    Price From:

    Regular Price: $105.00

    Special Price: $85.00

    The Punchline Repeater is the update of the original with a little extra weight added. Learn More

    YoYoFactory Space Cowboy


    Out of stock

    The brand new signature model of YoYoFactory Professional Tyler Severence is finally here. The Space Cowboy is the first worldwide YoYoFactory release to feature an all new bi-metal design offering an aluminum body with stainless steel rims. Every single Space Cowboy box is autographed by Tyler and each yo-yo is built to his preferences with a stock Center Trac bearing and CBC Natural Pads. Lastly, each Space Cowboy is packaged with two temporary tattoos, one of each Space Cowboy logo. Learn More
  6. Duncan Torque - 2014 US Nationals Edition - Red

    Duncan Torque


    Out of stock

    An excellent all-around 1A yo-yo! Learn More

    CZM8 by YoYoFactory


    Out of stock

    Vashek Kroutil has carved a name for himself in the history of the European yoyo scene as the most dominant European player of our generation and the leader of the Czech yoyo scene. After a hugely successful run of prototypes for Vashek, the CZM84VK was proven to be a solid and impactful competition yoyo. The all new production CzechMate yoyo offers the same power and performance as the prototypes with a few additional design changes on weight and size, as well as a new, lower price. Now in full production, the CzechMate is among the absolute best yoyos its price range. Learn More

    Bulldog 225 by Chico Yo-Yo Company


    Out of stock

    We went back to our roots and updated the classic Bulldog, our original design, and updated it to reflect the current trends in play style. Starting with the same comfortable and organic profile that made the original so popular, the diameter was increased to 2.25 inches (hence the 225 moniker) from the original 2.00 inch design and the width also grew to maintain proportion with the increase in diameter. Learn More
  9. General-Yo Prestige - Group

    GeneralYo Prestige

    Price From: $120.00

    Out of stock

    The Prestige by General-Yo. A true work of art. Diameter: 56.44mm Width: 43.7mm Weight: 65.8g Learn More

    YoYoFactory Avant Garde 2

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price: $95.00

    YoYoFactory Avant Garde 2 - special pricing through the end of March! Learn More

    YoYoFactory 888x - Premium Box Set


    Out of stock

    Striving to set the standard in performance and manufacturing, the original 888 brought new levels of smoothness and playability. The 888x is the evolution of that ethos taking cues from all previous versions and player feedback to create this premium set.

    Special pricing while supplies last! Learn More
  12. YoYoFactory Space Crown Ultra

    YoYoFactory Space Crown Ultra


    The Space Crown is an all new design out of YoYoFactory, focused on maximum performance, long spins, and maneuverability for long and difficult combos. Learn More
  13. YoYoFactory Heist

    YoYoFactory Heist


    Made in the USA! Taking the idea of a 'pocket yoyo' to a whole new level, the Heist packs an amazing level of performance in a size that you can literally take with you wherever you go. Learn More
  14. YoYoFactory_X_CLYW_Basecamp_Expedition

    YoYoFactory X CLYW Basecamp Expedition


    The Expedition combines some of the strongest features of YYF and CLYW yoyos into one truly amazing throw. Learn More
  15. Kuntosh_by_One_Drop

    Küntosh by One Drop

    Price From: $85.00

    Available May 27!

    You may have heard whispers coming from the far corners of the internet or backrooms of your yo-yo club about the last(and unreleased) yo-yo from Anti-Yo. Legend has it that Sonny Patrick designed it and One Drop Yo-Yos built it. For years, only 10 of them have been in existence and are highly coveted by their lucky owners. It is rumored to grant it’s owner special powers and good luck.

    Learn More

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