Marbleocity Mini Coaster

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A Coaster for the beginner Maker! Build your own wild ride full of dips and turns with some engineering and physics thrown in.

About the Kit

The Mini Coaster harnesses the same STEM lesson as the full Dragon Coaster module in a shorter project. The Mini Coaster is designed for the beginner Tinkineer and can be completed in around an hour. It’s a great way to meet our cast of Tinkineers and experience the satisfaction of working with our Baltic Birch material for those who are new to the Maker scene.

The Mini Coaster consists of over thirty laser cut wood parts and features some of our favorite aspects of the full Dragon Coaster but on a smaller scale. The “Mini” is hand-cranked and does not require a battery to run. Nor are tools required for assembly! The only thing you need to get started on this fun maker experience is household white glue.

This Kit’s STEM Lesson

From a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning perspective the roller coaster is a classic classroom tool used to communicate lessons about conservation of energy. Each Marbleocity kit ships with an associated graphic novella which features the Tinkineer cast of characters. Join Kelvin, Joule and Iggy as they head to Playland where Iggy unwittingly stumbles into an opportunity to learn about roller coaster design and the physics therein.

  • STEM Concepts: Conservation of Energy, Potential & Kinetic Energy
  • Build Time: 1 hour
  • Tools Required: White Glue
  • Level Of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Connects With: n/a
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