Audubon Birds - 2021 Page A Day Calendar

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A fantastic gift for nature lovers and America’s 51 million birdwatchers.

Audubon Birds is backed by the avian authorities at the National Audubon Society. Every day is a sighting—photographed in brilliant full color—straight from the passionate birder’s bucket list. A tiny but colorful Band-tailed Manakin. Two Blue-footed Boobies in mid-dance. A flock of Sandhill Cranes flying at dusk. And a stunning close-up of a Bald Eagle. Includes species from a range of habitats and all regions of the world. Captions feature both scientific and common names. 

Printed on FSC-certified paper and features a new eco-friendly cardboard backer.

By National Audubon Society

With Workman Calendars

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