Puremco SuperTrain Dominoes

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112 Double 12 Professional Number Dominoes, including 21 wild and special action dominoes. Supertrain is the latest and greatest domino game available. It's Mexican Train with 14 wild dominoes and 7 Special Action dominoes that follow suit. The Special Action dominoes marked S,R,D,T and A are for Skip, Reverse, Draw, Twice, and Anywhere. Players use these for special play as enhancements for the great game of Mexican Train. Number Dominoes replace the traditional dots and are colored and easier to see, count, and score. Includes the electronic dual-sound centerpiece with Mexican Train and Chickenfoot sounder, 9 glitter train markers, 50-sheet multiple use score pad for SuperTrain, Mexican Train, and Chickenfoot. All three games can be played with this set! Rules for 6 other games included.
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