Safety Glo Net - 12" diameter

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Older children and adults will appreciate how this net performs!

Why is it called a 'Safety-Glo' net?

We have our netting dyed to bright Day-Glo colors that are commonly used when safety is a concern and being seen is of great importance. Never mind that children love the bright colors, these are serious, quality, functional nets that are also very effective at helping to insure cars and others can quickly spot the user. As collectors, we all know that we don't always pay close attention to where we are running as we dash about chasing our quarry.

Our Safety-Glo ‘areal’ style nets are available in 2 sizes, 10� and 12�.

Note: When ordering you can specify a color preference if you would like or we can choose for you.


  • Conical shaped bag is just the right length to function as it should... it’s not too short and not too long!
  • Large 12 inch diameter, rust proof wire hoop
  • Extended, Smooth 32 inch long, hardwood handle
  • Soft yet snag and tear resistant netting

This as an ‘areal’ style net designed for catching flying insects, but it can also be used in the water

Please: Adult supervision is always Highly recommended when children are exploring near water!

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