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A fun colored yet very functional net designed to catch 'Tiddlers'! Just like all of our Safety-Glo nets, these too are made with our bright day-glo colors to help insure the users are seen and safe from harm as they dash about. But you ask: what is a 'Tiddler'? Tiddler is a fun 'British' term used to describe all of those little critters such as minnows, crayfish, tadpoles, water beetles etc that live in the water... you know, Tiddlers! Well, tiddlers love to hide in tight places and in corners underneath things which are really hard to get to with a round shaped net, so we made a special 'Tiddler' net. It is triangular in shape to fit into corners and tight spaces and it has two flat sides to help prevent tiddlers from swimming around your net as you skim along a flat creek or lake bed. When using a round net for skimming, only one tiny point of the net goes along the bottom making it very easy for tiddlers to get away. Now remember, when exploring around rocks and other abrasive objects, be sure to carefully move your net into position and don't rub your net against these objects any more than necessary as this will quickly and prematurely wear a hole in your net. This is another one of our 'specialty' nets that we make. It is designed to be used in the water and it wouldn't be any good at catching flying insects. We also make this net in white with a shorter handle. Go back to our listing to view. Specifications: Shallow, flat bottomed bag bag Triangular, rust proof wire hoop Extended, Smooth 32 inch long, hardwood handle
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