Traditional Insect Net 10" - White

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When young explorers are asked to describe the insect net they want... this is it! Close your eyes and picture an old fashion, quality butterfly, insect collecting net. Now open them... is this what you envisioned? We have asked thousands of customers to do this and then asked them... what color was the net? 100% of them have always responded: white! This is the net that everyone envisions a net should be ... and we are delighted to say: it is made in the USA! We make it in 2 sizes, 12" and 10". Specifications: Conical shaped bag is just the right length to function as it should... it’s not too short and not too long! 10 inch diameter, rust proof wire hoop Smooth 17 inch long, hardwood handle Soft yet snag and tear resistant netting This as an ‘areal’ style net designed for catching flying insects, but it can also be used in the water Please: Adult supervision is always Highly recommended when children are exploring near water!
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