Ultimate Book of Card Games

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Ready, set, play!

This comprehensive guide has rules and tips for more than 350 card games. All the classics, from Bride and Cribbage to Heart and Texas Hold'em. Includes lesser-known games and variations such as 28, Baseball, Russian Bank, and Bezique.

Basic how-to information for first-timers as well as techniques for more advanced players and a handy glossary of terms from dummy and bid to cowboys and showdown.

Exciting games for one, two, or multiple players.

Betting games from Three-Card Brag to Seven-Card Stud.

Entertainment for kids, including Slapjack and President & Pond Scum and tips for hosting your own card night.

Book is 400 pages, measures approximately 5.25 x 6.875 x 1.25" when closed. Hard bound.

Written by Scott McNeely, published by Chronicle Books.

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