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The Wildflowers of Bidwell Park

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Barcode: 9781935807629
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The Wildflowers of Bidwell Park points out some of the more interested and common wildflowers of the 3670 acres in the park. Some are rare, some abundant, some shy, some showy. The book's aim is not to identify every wildflower but to reveal the great variety of interesting wildflowers at your feet in the park. You will appreciate them much more after you to know them.

A wildflower is simply defined as any flowering plant not cultivated or planted by humans, although we include a number of plants that were accidentally or purposely introduced. We think of wildflowers as plants like poppies and lilies, but the definition includes trees, shrubs, vines, and grasses as well. Including all these, Bidwell Park has perhaps 800 species of flowering plants. Using a narrower but looser definition of wildflowers - the typically short, showy herbaceous and mainly annual plants - we have chosen 112 of the most common or interesting species to illustrate, but we mention or describe 274 total species. A list is at the back of the book.

Enjoy the flowers, event the "belly flowers: that prompt you to prostrate yourself to see them up close. But never, ever, for any reason, pick them. It injures or kills them, is illegal, and deprives others the joy of observing them.

Written by Dr. Roger Lederer and illustrated by Dr. Carol Burr.

ISBN: 9781935807629
132 pages