Disk Hanayama Puzzle - Level 2

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"The World Puzzle Designers’ Forum was held in August, 2000 in Los Angeles. It was where I first met my close Dutch friend, Oskar Deventer. This puzzle is based on a disc-based puzzle that he showed me at that time. Battling it out with this puzzle is like putting your mind to the test against one of the world’s sharpest minds in Oskar. The idea to keep in mind here is 'circle.'"

-Nob Yoshigahara, 2001

Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing. Can you take the pieces apart, then put them back together again? Hanayama cast metal brain teasers have 6 levels of difficulty, and each puzzle is Mensa-rated. Level 2 puzzles are considered fairly easy by most puzzlers.

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