Chimes of Olympos

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The Chimes of Olympos is tuned to an ancient Greek pentatonic scale. The original Woodstock Chime! This mysterious and soothing wind chime plays the ancient Greek pentatonic scale devised by Olympos, Phrygian flutist and lyre player of the seventh century B.C. Olympos is given credit for the introduction of the flute into Greece from Phrygia, thus adding a new instrumental sound to that country. It is said that Olympos was also very inventive with rhythm as well which may just qualify him as the original King of Rhythm and Blues. Because of these contributions, Plutarch, the Greek historian and biographer, named Olympos the father of Greek music. Nearly three thousand years later, the bluesy scale of Olympos, tuned in the pure system of "just intonation," is still heard today on the Japanese koto and on a Woodstock Chime. Dimensions: 36 in. Overall Length Materials: Cherry finish ash wood, 6 silver aluminum tubes.
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