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Folkmanis Puppet - Raven

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With its movable beak, this Raven puppet will crow "Nevermore!" from the treetops until the dawn breaks. This highly intelligent bird is a prevalent figure in traditional mythology and fairy tales around the world. Often depicted as a trickster or a creator, this Raven will make a perfect storytelling companion.

Length: 20" Long

Width: 8" Wide

Height: 16" Tall

Weight: 10.08 oz.

UPC: 638348024305

Puppet Type: HAND PUPPET

Special Features: Movable mouth and wings

Notes: Wing pockets for extra movement

Fun Facts: Ravens belong to the Crow family (Corvidae), along with jays, magpies and crows. They are found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Ravens can grow to 25 inches long.