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Impossible Objects by Klutz

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Barcode: 9780545496476
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This book comes with all the plastic pieces, paper parts, and special pages you need to experience 25 impossible things. These objects work like magic, but there are no tricks. All this weirdness has a solid scientific basis and we tell you why — from the mathematically amazing Möbius strip (a band of paper with only one side), to cardstock acrobats with amazing balance, to a color-changing spinning top. Comes with: wobblestone, hinged monster-making mirrors, acetate animations viewer, a variety of custom-designed cardstock curiosities (optical spinners, balancing acrobats, transforming sign, 3D stare-o-saurus, phenakistoscope wheel, flexagon labyrinth) For ages 8 and up Written By: Pat Murphy and the Scientists of Klutz Labs