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Mandala Trees - Paul Heussenstamm Boxed Assorted Note Cards

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Barcode: 9780764974311
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Artist and teacher Paul Heussenstamm’s vibrant sacred art incorporates principles of many religious traditions, among them Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. His signature motif is the mandala, a mystic symbol many see as a doorway to the soul. Heussenstamm (American, b. 1949) believes that soul patterns are manifested in mandalas, which have played a role in Eastern spiritual development for centuries and are widely favored as meditational focal points. In his own words, the Mandala Tree of Life “represents each individual’s divine place in the universe. The roots connect you with your ancestors, and the tree reaches up to connect heaven and earth. Every place and every person that the tree connects you with is in a meditative harmony.”

Heussenstamm, whose artist parents “met at the easel,” grew up in a highly creative, spiritual environment that helped form the pattern of his life and work. So that others may discover their own spiritual paths through art, he teaches mandala-painting workshops around the world.

Contains five each of the four color variations on Mandala Tree of Life