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Solar Cell Kit

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Learn about photovoltaics and convert radiant energy into mechanical movement.

Use the sun to spin a reflective disk! Learn about converting solar radiation energy to mechanical motion! Expose the photovoltaic (PV) cell to sunlight or a bright light and the magic motor comes to life! This kit includes a spinning disk, motor, solar cell, and a learning guide packed with ideas for science projects.

Photovoltaics refers to converting the sun's radiant energy directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells which are often referred to as PV cells or solar cells. Photovoltaic systems produce clean, reliable electricity without consuming any fossil fuels. They are being used in a wide variety of applications providing power for calculators, highway signs, and even space stations.


  • Holographic disk
  • PV cell
  • Motor
  • Learning guide

Intended for ages 9 and up.