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Sri Yantra Mandalas -A Paul Heussenstamm Coloring Book

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Barcode: 9780764975585
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A note from the artist

Welcome to the world of the sri yantra, with its capacity to balance, heighten, and attune your energy and awareness. The sri yantra comes from ancient India and is a diagrammatic meditational tool used to bring together the often-scattered forces of one’s life. At its essence it integrates the feminine (as represented by downward-pointing triangles) with the masculine (as represented by upward-pointing triangles). As you begin to color or simply look at the mandalas found within this book, you are therefore weaving together your inner feminine and inner masculine.


In thirty years of working with these powerful images, I have found that they bring vitality and freshness to one’s day.


Casebound book with a special lay-flat binding and sturdy, flexible cover.

108 pages with 50 images to color on high-quality paper

Size: 8½ x 11 in.

Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.


  1. Yantra View
  2. Dragon Yantra
  3. Bindu Point
  4. Yantra Lotus Field
  5. Yantra World
  6. Yantra Eyes
  7. Yantra Puzzle
  8. Kali
  9. Maha Sri Yantra
  10. Yantra Rainbow
  11. Yantra Altar
  12. Yantra Sections
  13. Yantra Curves
  14. Yantra Cosmos
  15. Sri Yantra Universe
  16. Sri Yantra Mandala
  17. Ancient Yantra
  18. Yantra Truth
  19. Endless Yantra
  20. Yantra Vibrations
  21. Dragon of the Cosmos
  22. Yantra Signs
  23. Yantra Connections
  24. Tripur Sundari
  25. Yantra Balance
  26. Yantra Wheel
  27. Chinnamasta
  28. Sri Yantra Reborn
  29. Sri Yantra Ecstasy
  30. Yantra Bringing Love
  31. Yantra Bali
  32. Kali Yantra
  33. New Yantra
  34. Tara
  35. Sri Yantra Round
  36. Sri Yantra Square
  37. Remover of Fear
  38. Sri Yantra Om Namah Shivaya
  39. Sri Yantra Island
  40. A Yantra of Protection
  41. Yantra Pentangle
  42. Yantra Practice
  43. Yantra Physician
  44. Sri Yantra Temple
  45. Sri Yantra Intimacy
  46. Expanding Yantra
  47. Sound Yantra
  48. Sri Yantra Base
  49. Sri Yantra Words
  50. Durga Yantra