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Stratego Conquest

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Find allies, Outwit your opponent, Capture the flags!

There is war in the land of Westeria. For years, the great kingdoms of Stronghelm, Warstone, Courage and Dredd have maintained an uneasy peace. But times have changed. Now, their soldiers deploy, their spymastersplot and their sorceresses curse the land. Take care, great general! Beware of traitors, use every ounce of cunning you possess! The conquest of our world begins. 


  • 42 Special Action Cards:
6 Reinforcements, 13 Blitz!, 
4 Surprise Attack, 11 Regrouping,
5 Secret Information, 1 Traitor,
2 New Spy Master
  • 24 Territory Tokens (one for each territory)
  • 72 Shielded Unit Markers (18 of each in 4 colors)
  • 4 Opaque Reserve Bags
  • Sheet of Ranked Cards
  • Game Board
  • Rules

Intended for ages 8 and up.

2-4 Players