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Fubbles Super Bubble Wand

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Time to make GIANT bubbles with the super bubble wand! Giant wand has a ring that measures bout 8 1/2" in diameter to help create huge bubbles.

Comes with an 8oz (118ml) container of bubble solution and dipping tray.

Bubble solution is non-toxic and has no dyes. Even so, do not drink the bubble solution and avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rise with water.

Two different color options are available - green tray with pink wand or orange tray with green wand. If you have a preference, please indicate that in the notes area of your order.


  1. Insert wand into hand and press firmly. (Adult assembly required)
  2. Fill dip tray with bubble solution.
  3. Dip wand into dip tray, remove and wave gently to blow Super Size bubbles.
  4. Twist you wrist to make the wand flip, to re-dip and make more bubbles!

Note to parents:

  • Bubble toys work best when they are 'primed'. We have found the toy to blow great bubbles after 6 dips.
  • After you make Super Size bubble, twist your wrist to close wand (it will fold in half) and the twist your wrist bak to open wand.
  • Rinse and clean wand occasionally for best results.