Tentacle Pen

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Why We Like the Tentacle Pen: Made of resin material. Packages with a Backer Card. Black ink that flows smooth. Tentacle Pen We are all inconvenience with the concept of literary actions in our routine day-to-day activities, so why not give it some spice and make it a little more fun? This little creative innovation makes the idea of writing various notes something that shines in a different way as an opportunity to smile and feel the warmth of childhood memories. Whether you like sea creatures or simply like to have little creative and innovative products around this can fall under a variety of reasons as a fun thing to own. Children will get a kick out of it, and as adults who doesn’t need a reminder once and a while to take a breather once and a while and be reminded that the world can be as fun as we let it be. This is a great novelty and great for anybody with an interest for fun. Tentacle Pen Features: Made of resin. Packaged on Backer card. Black ink. Size: 5.5�L
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