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Trolls, Elves and Fairies - Coloring Book

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Barcode: 9780486423821
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A wonderland of wee folk, this imaginative coloring book is populated by gremlins, pixies, giants, and other fantasy characters. In addition to mermaids, leprechauns, and other familiar creatures, these 29 images encompass a variety of lesser-known spirits:

  • Befana, a good house-fairy from Italy, who brings toys and sweets on Twelfth Night
  • Sandman, an English nursery spirit who lulls the children to sleep by sprinkling magical dust in their eyes
  • Puddlefoot, the Scottish household brownie who both tidies up unfinished work and makes a mess of completed chores
  • The Cloud People, spirits believed by Pueblo Indians to bring water to crops
  • Alberich, the dwarf king, who possesses a magic ring, a cloak of invisibility, and a sword with special powers
  • Mab, Empress of Fairies, who rides a magical coach drawn by three butterflies

Colorists of all ages are certain to fall under the spell of these beguiling images.

ISBN 10 0486423824
ISBN 13 9780486423821
Author/Editor Jan Sovak
Grade level Kindergarten - 5 (ages 5 - 10)
Page Count 32
Dimensions 8 1/4 x 11